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The Qutb Shahi Tombs are currently undergoing renovation. The Aga Khan Trust for Culture, on the other hand, is doing more than merely restoring the structures. They’re also considering turning the property into an eco-space, giving the 106-acre Qutb Shahi Heritage Park a green makeover.

“Several families used to come here for picnics in the past.” Even now, we see tourists who come to sit with their families, play football, and have a good time. “After the renovation is completed, we want the space to be a terrific hangout spot,” said Ratish Nanda, Chief Executive, Aga Khan Trust for Culture.

The Aga Khan Trust for Culture conducted an extensive tree study to achieve the ecological objectives, mapping 3,300 existing trees from 72 different kinds. To establish a natural barrier, almost 2,000 trees have been planted along the site’s edge. These parks are historic as well as ecologically significant.

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