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A Ghaziabad businessman has been arrested on suspicion of molesting an actress on a trip from Delhi to Mumbai. On October 14, the Sahar police station filed the case.

According to the allegation, the actress was on her way back to Mumbai from a flight to Delhi when the accused inappropriately grabbed her when she was opening overhead storage to retrieve her handbag.

After challenging the individual for holding her waist and attempting to drag her towards him, she brought the matter to the attention of the cabin crew, who advised her to file a complaint with their customer relations team, according to a report in The Times of India.

The cabin crew also requested that he stand aside while they inquired about his name and seat number.

Later, she went to the Versova police station to register a complaint, but they told her to go to the Sahar police station because the incident falls under their jurisdiction.

However, there was some doubt about the accused’s identification because the suspected molester had given the name of his co-passenger.

When the cabin crew provided the facts, the authorities discovered that the culprit had given his name as Rajeev, and the information was forwarded to the Sahar police.

When cops approached Rajeev, it was discovered that it was another man, Nitin, who was sitting next to Rajeev, who had reportedly assaulted the 40-year-old actress.

After seeing Rajeev’s photo with co-passengers, the actress recognised the culprit.

Nitin was apprehended, and the case was filed under the appropriate sections of the Indian Penal Code.

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