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The Musi River revitalization and beautification project is about to pick up steam, with Finance Minister T Harish Rao stating that construction will begin soon.

The project has already begun, and a thorough project report has been prepared, according to Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, who also stated that Musi will be filled with Godavari water so that children can play in it.
Harish Rao delivered the keynote address at the national congress on rivers’ closing ceremony on Sunday. The Indian Peninsular River Basin Council and the Indian Himalayan River Basin Council co-hosted the event. The convention’s main focus was river revitalization and tank rehabilitation. “After the State is formed, the Chief Minister is working on the same objective and has given importance to the irrigation sector,” the Minister said, adding that more Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs) will be built along the river.

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