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Angry Mangor residents protested and blocked the installation of a mobile tower on the grounds of a government school on Thursday.
Residents gathered at the site and alerted Ward Councillor Girish Broker, who raced to the scene and demanded that workers from the mobile tower firm present appropriate identification.
Work was halted when the workers failed to submit the required documents.
A homeowner, Wendy Vaz, told reporters that installing a mobile tower on the school grounds could pose health risks to residents and children.

“The school is not a suitable location for a tower, and the government must first address the school’s needs before considering a tower. The government must give water and other utilities to the school, as well as a watchman if possible, as several persons have been spotted loitering around the school at times. We will not permit the construction of a skyscraper on school grounds “Vaz said
Daji Kundaikar, another local, claimed there was already a tower in the vicinity and that locals didn’t need another one on the school grounds.
“Because the city already has a robust mobile network, the government may consider installing towers in outlying locations, and the school could use the current network’s wifi services. We would fight against the construction of a tower in this neighbourhood “Kundaikar stated.

Girish Broker, a councilor, said he was unaware of the mobile tower until residents notified him.
“When I arrived, there was no authority from the tower firm, but a vehicle had arrived with tower installation equipment. We urged the workers to cease working since they claimed they had legitimate approvals but didn’t have documentation of them.”
“I later spoke with a tower firm representative who claimed to have clearances from the IT Department as well as an order stating that every school must have a tower installed for good connectivity.” However, I will stand with the neighbours and refuse to allow the tower to be built on school grounds “Borker stated.

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