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The Margao-Mungul-Colva road remains unfinished, despite the fact that sanitary and parking facilities at the world-famous Colva beach have finally been implemented.

The intended two-kilometer four-lane road from Mungul to the Colva four-road intersection at the Our Lady of Merces Church in Colva, which was taken up for development ahead of the BRICS conference in October 2016, is still unfinished.

A ride down the Mungul-Colva route demonstrates that the road’s four-laning is not yet complete in every way. The route, which was enlarged ahead of the BRICS meeting to ensure seamless movement for international guests, is still devoid of traffic half a decade later.

Because the authorities have yet to hot-mix the 2-kilometer stretch, motorists must rely on the current single-lane road. Because the enlarged section of the road has yet to be hot-mixed, fast food gaddas can be found on the length. The enlarged section has also proven useful for parking vehicles for the stretch’s businesses.

According to The Goan’s investigation, the work could not be prioritised after the project was handed over to the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC) for implementation before being returned to the PWD.

After the PWD tendered hot-mixing of the four-lane two-kilometer length of the Mungul-Colva road at an estimated cost of Rs 10-odd crore, hopes were heightened that the stretch would be four-laned with a coat of hot-mix.

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