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President Jair Bolsonaro claims he was denied access to a football match between Santos and Gremio because he did not have a COVID-19 immunization certificate.
“What is the purpose of the card, vaccination passport? I only wanted to see the Santos game, but they informed me that he needed to get vaccinated. What is the reason for this?” On Sunday, Bolsonaro asked reporters, adding that he has more antibodies than those who have had the shots.

On Sunday, Metropoles posted a video of the president speaking with the journalists in Guaruja, Sao Paulo.
According to local media sources, Bolsonaro is now on vacation in Sao Paulo. The Brazilian president has raised reservations about coronavirus vaccines and has refused to be immunized. In July of 2020, he became infected with the coronavirus. After a few weeks in quarantine, the right-wing president – a vocal opponent of lockdowns who frequently defies mask-wearing regulations – returned to work.

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