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Bangladesh drops ‘with the exception of Israel’ from visa, unfamiliar service says no adjustment of strategy towards Tel Aviv

While dropping of words “aside from Israel” in the new visa seemed like Bangladesh has lifted the many years old travel restriction on Israel, the nation has explained that independent of new e-international IDs, “Bangladesh didn’t change position on Israel including travel boycott.”

Bangladesh on Saturday declared dropping of words “aside from Israel” in the new visa which was hailed by Israel as a “lift of many years old travel boycott”. However, Dhaka rushed to explain that the choice to eliminate those words doesn’t add up to change in Bangladesh’s situation towards Israel, as it actually doesn’t perceive Israel.

Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen told correspondents in Dhaka on Sunday, “We have taken choice to drop “with the exception of Israel” from visa a half year prior when we presented e-identification. It is for normalization of our identification. However, our international strategy will continue as before towards Israel. We won’t set up our binds with Israel. We support the battle of individuals of Palestine. We additionally support two-state arrangements. In this way, our international strategy will stay unaltered.”

Bangladeshi travel papers prior had a proviso composed on them that said: “This Passport is legitimate for all nations of the world with the exception of Israel”, however the public authority on Saturday chose to eliminate “with the exception of Israel” from the archive making it substantial for the whole world.

Prior, Deputy Director-General for Asia and the Pacific at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Gilad Cohen tweeted saying Bangladesh has taken out make a trip boycott to Israel.

“Extraordinary news! Bangladesh has taken out make a trip boycott to Israel. This is a welcome advance and I approach the Bangladeshi government to push ahead and build up political binds with Israel so both our people groups could profit and thrive,” he tweeted.

Bangladesh explains position on Israel

Bangladesh unfamiliar service, nonetheless, on Sunday explained in a tweet that “independent of new e-international IDs, Bangladesh didn’t change position on Israel including travel boycott.”

“Bangladesh sentenced outrages to Palestinians, and repeats its principled position concerning the two-state arrangement of #Palestine-#Israel struggle considering UN goals,” the tweet additionally read.

In an official statement, the Bangladesh unfamiliar service said: “The consideration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has as of late been attracted to a twitter gave from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel inviting expulsion of prohibition on movement to Israel on E-visas being given by Bangladesh. The disarray seems to have radiated from the new booklets of E-visas which doesn’t contain the perception “all nations with the exception of Israel .

The assertion added: “The evacuation of the perception has been done to keep up global norm of Bangladeshi e-travel papers and doesn’t infer any difference in Bangladesh’s international strategy towards the Middle East. The restriction on movement of Bangladeshi identification holders to Israel stays unaltered. The Government of Bangladesh has not veered off from its situation on Israel and Bangladesh stays firm on its longstanding situation in such manner “.

Senior columnist Masud Karim said, “I think it is [a] simply specialized matter. There is no political will of Bangladesh to set up attaches with Israel as of now. No country use[s] ‘with the exception of Israel’ in their visa. It isn’t [a] international strategy matter, yet a regulatory choice by [the] home service of Bangladesh. On the off chance that it is an international strategy matter, [the] home [ministry] should talk about the matter with [the] unfamiliar office. However, there was no conversation at all between [the] two services. As a matter of fact, identification is a personality. Along these lines, character should be a standard one.”

This comes similarly as a d├ętente has been set up since Thursday among Israel and Palestine following a 11-day lethal fight that asserted a ton of Palestinian lives in the Gaza Strip.

The assertion likewise added: “The Government of Bangladesh has censured the new abominations caused upon the regular people by the occupation powers of Israel in al-Aqsa mosque compound and at Gaza. Bangladesh repeats its principled position concerning the two-State Solution of the Palestine-Israel struggle considering the UN goals perceiving pre-1967 lines and East Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine .”

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