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When a barge went missing off the coast of Goa on Thursday, one person perished, five people were recovered, and search operations were continuing to locate four more.

According to sources, the barge ‘Shri Krishna 8’ left Jaigarh in Maharashtra on November 30 with ten crew members on board and was on its way to Goa.

The barge was supposed to arrive at the Mormugao Port early Thursday morning, but it went missing after crossing Port Redi.

The barge owners notified the Coast Guard when the vessel could not be found.

According to Coast Guard Goa DIG Arunabh Bose, the Coast Guard quickly mobilized its Chetak helicopter and three coast guard ships, as well as a Dornier aircraft for a sortie from Ratnagiri, for search and rescue efforts.

“On December 2, we received a call at 9 a.m. saying the barge had not arrived at its destination. At 9.30 a.m., the Coast Guard redirected its Coast Guard Chetak helicopter, and the Coast Guard ship ‘Apoorva’ was immediately sailed out.”

“In the meantime, a Coast Guard Dornier sortie was undertaken by the evening of December 2nd, and we even notified the Coastal Police and fishery officials, but owing to severe weather and low visibility, no information was received.”

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