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Young India will make great India. This innovative portal is dedicated to students and young minds with a Moto "Each One Teach One" The guiding principle of this endeavor is to reach the farthest and teach the poorest as believes in educating the masses and building the nation. A true education is a life long learning process and a continuous exercise of capacity building of a person which ensures all round personality development and empowers everyone to meet the present and future challenges of his or her personal life as well as social and community needs. The portal believes in transforming the source of information, connecting the students and providing them the desired platform for making their dream a reality . Information is knowledge, knowledge is power, power is capacity, capacity is functional efficiency , functional efficiency is producing result and result is nothing success in life, so how to get information for transforming an ordinary student into a successful person....

come and join Young India and make your dream a reality .nothing but success.

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